Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Artworks on Postcards by Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Yogendra Kumar Purohit is dedicated artist. Lives, born and brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. He has earned Master degree in Fine Arts and practicing the art since 20 years. He creates paintings, designs, sculptures, installations, crafts, drawings, sketching, art movies and conceptual artworks. Here we will discuss his postcard drawings.  

Mr. Purohit admires artists such as Vinsent Wongong, Sezaan, Picaso , Kurbe, Mikelengilo , Jamini Roy, Amrta Sergill and Liyonardo The Vinchi etc.

In his artworks, he depicts emotions such as love, illness, depression, sadness and tiredness etc. He is a strong visionary artist who transforms his emotions into works of art.  He enjoys freedom of expression. This freedom inspires him to depict true feelings of his life in form of artworks. In other words his art projects his own life. Moreover the artist wants to breath the art till last moment of his life. 

As an artist, Mr. Purohit, has participated in many art events such as workshops, festivals and exhibitions held in India and in the world. He has also organized many art events successfully. His artworks been appreciated in Bikaner, Rajasthan, also in India and around the world. His artworks are part of collection of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan, Smt. Usha Puniya,Pranab Mukharjee, US President Barack Obama,Vincenzo Montella, Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai, Samanvay Art Gallery, Jaipur and Frosso of Greece to name few. 

Postcard drawings. 

Artist Yogendra Kumar Purohit has created about many drawings on postcard dimensions 14X9 cm issued by the Indian Postal Service  http://www.indiapost.gov.in  and this series of artworks is growing with the time. 

Mr. Purohit uses very simple material, just ink pen and postcard. The way it is drawn looks simple yet we can feel the mastery in the drawings with unbroken, neat lines. The combination of colors, space, shape, and lines being arranged meaningfully. These drawings consist of airplanes, fishes, elephant and flowers, heart sign and some lines which feels like mountains and some lines are shaped in form of doors and windows similar to mud house seen in Rajasthan. 

The author can assemble these symbols with the use of postcard. As if a postcard has been send to someone faraway with a message as mostly poor people use it. It is open letter that anyone can read it. 

The lines of the drawings guides our eyes to see one thing after another which forms an interesting story at the end. It feels as if postcard travels all over world. e.g. through ships, aircrafts and they cover mountains, sea, and land. It feels that everything is connected beautifully. It is utterly magnificent to see similar things arranged differently in each drawings on those postcards. One just gets mesmerized in his work for a long, long time.

Some of his postcards.

 Some question asked to Artist Yogendra K. Purohit and his answered. 

How your series started. from where you were inspired.
“I were inspired by my time and art condition I like always easy way for art presentation of my self, postcard is a tool of communication or our nation so I did selected this medium as an art work. It was started when my international artist friends were demanded to me my art work .so I did started some work on postcard and I did posted that to them”.

How many artworks you have created so far?
“I did created 20 to 25 art work on post card”.

What material you use for creating your artworks?
“Simple pen ink, pencil or postcard”.

Did you displayed your artworks? Where?
“Yes my art work was displayed in Greece”.

What the views's say?
“My true life journey by art”.

Would you like to sell?
“This is an out of my life theory question..so sorry I can't say about it any thing”.

What are the prices?
“Its like diamond so you tell me what is the real cost of my art work.”

“Thank you”.

We wish Artist Yogendra Kumar Purohit will be spreading this unique way of expression to the masses and to the world’s viewers. 

All the Best Yogendra Kumar Purohit ji!  



Dr. Tripti Singh

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Creating Works of Art

Creating works of art is difficult as to write a story, writing a poem and creating a song And writing for blog! :-) 

It starts with a question “how to start and where to lead it”. 

For starting artworks, the thoughts are needed. Then a process starts, it is like assembling required seeds of thoughts and kills are ground for seeding. 

It is important to know that art is a continuous process which has no boundaries and limits. It has to get started once and then it will just carry away from a day, to weeks, to months and till years. It feels like floating on the water of Ganges and letting water current takes us where ever it wants, like, “letting go!”. 

Why Ganges? Well because it has connectivity with spirituality and it connects earth with the universe. So, creating artwork starts with a connectivity from the universe and feeling of what which has been sent to us. It guides to carry on, stay, search and to stop. 

Once it connects, the brain storms with ideas, selecting strong ideas which gives solid base to our imagination. Then the skills are required to give it physical form. Many times it feels that the hands doesn't obey the mind's commands, by practicing, this gap can be reduced. Slowly by practicing a person achieves required skills to transform his/her thoughts to exact forms. Things get better when the artwork goes beyond that territory of the skills. 

When an artist feels freedom of expressing the thought, then his art has no weaknesses, no regulations, no rules, no, nothing, just purity of the thought prevails. It is the goal of an artist to achieve situation where s/he is carried away by his/her artworks.  

Then the works become works of art that had never been imagined, never been created and no where else rests, but in front of its creator. It is pure innovative process, a painful process and handwork of years, which is gift of god which has been given to human only. 

Such artworks can be discussed, can be talked for long time and more discussions shows, degree of mature artwork. So, creating artworks and explanation on them is important for the viewers. 

Artworks gets old with the time, they change purpose and reason according to the person who owns them. They give meanings to the surroundings where they are displayed. They create dialogs with the viewer and involve them emotionally. They are works of art. 

In this way artworks make the life of the artist satisfactory and accomplished. 

 Amoghvarsha Series - Balance, New media, 48"X60"

*It is about art and it is not about the medium, which an artist mastered. The skills using some materials or techniques takes back seat*.


I will be waiting for your views, how you create artworks.


Dr. Tripti Singh

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Who I am, Artist or Designer?

Almost all the time I come across such questions to define and explain whether I am artist or designer? Whereas I don't want to stick to any type..  So trying to explain here in this blog. 

There are two conditions:

First, is when I get commission then I work for requirements of people who hire me. I am working as a designer or an illustrator or a labour to meet and fulfill the requirement of the employer. This act is to get money to sustain as an artist as well and to meet the required bills. 

Second, when I am working for my self ... to be just with me.... I am an artist. It is my domain. What I am creating is no one’s business. If they like it or not. I am a free person. I am meditating myself exploring the possibilities without any fear and compulsion, then I am an artist.

This is to change role according to the requirements and situations of own life which one needs to meet.  

Perhaps, working in digital media it gives me both advantages as my tools for creating design or artworks are same.    

I worked as designer and I enjoy working as a designer, it is like the other side of coin of creativity. It is about solving the problems by fixing the space with elements and principles such as balance, repetition, contrast, unity, shape, textures, space and colors etc. in a given space with a motive to meet. 

I did two years course in computer aided designing, I have been taught the tools and have been given assignments to master those skills required.  I am also trained as an artist as well, I have earned Master degree in Drawing and Painting and I did Ph.D. in Visual Arts. 

Here, I would like to clear one thing that I am not a programmer. I know computers, that does not mean that I can do anything, anytime, anywhere and on any machine. It is not a magic and computers does not do anything on its own. Expecting everything from a single person is not fare.

This does not means that I limit my self to certain field, but it is required as it can create unnecessary difficulties. It is better to work with a programmer. 

I am open to learn new technologies and new techniques merging with my imagination and skills.  

So where I stand?

Let us see what art and design means: 

Definition of art: 

Google says: art  is a noun and it states: 
  1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,...: "the art of the Renaissance"
  2. Works produced by such skill and imagination.

Design defined by google  

1. A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made.

2. It is to decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), typically by making a detailed drawing of it.

Is it clear from the  above definitions? Not really!  

Here I am taking help of some graphics which explains the difference between Art and Design. 

Art inspires while design motivates.

Art is interpreted while design is understood.

Art is about taste while design is about opinion.

Art is talent while design is skill.

If I say design is art with expectations, patterns and consistency. It’s art meeting science. Am I wrong in that?

As designers, our work has to be interactive, accessible and consistent. In this way, art goes beyond design because no one would expect someone to say that all art has to be consistent in following a pattern and current trends. Market forces and trends influence designers far more than artists. 

So working as an artist and designer together I must remember the goals and purposes of each field. Mastering both fields requires dedication and practice to achieve utility in design and achieving artistic skills at the same time is useful to give new dimension to communicate through a creation, that is where the line between art and design blurs.

Next entry will be on digital artworks. 



Dr. Tripti Singh 

Friday, 8 March 2013

My First Blog Entry


It has been a long time to think to create a blog, where I can share some writings on my works with some insight.....  Well now it feels this is the time when I need to move ahead from posting artworks on my Facebook page DrTriptiSingh 

I have some 515 likes on my page in Facebook, why I need this blog . I feel there was some distraction and I am always in a hurry to post an image with minimal writing on it. Though I had explained some artworks in detail ....but fewer times. So I need this blog where I can write and share. 

My research interests are in Indian digital arts and I am curious to know and learn something new about it. It feels digital medium is soluble like water, which blend with other mediums so well that many times we don't have any clue that it has been created with the help of digital medium. It has many possibilities to explore and for experimentation with almost all mediums, stationary, methods and also with inter-disciplinary subjects.  Moreover it has advantage of a medium it self. 

Digital medium is considered as liquid in space  which is made up of bits and bytes. That is why it has scope of advancement and modification at most of the time ... We can increase and decrease the size. We can get it printed on most of the surfaces. We can also project it in empty space or wall. It is very convenient to store. It has advantages to share on internet through emails, websites, mobile, tablet etc.  We can send entries for applying for contests, exhibition applications or exposing artworks online, for all that we needed to change those physical artworks into digital.... these are few advantages.

Well why I am talking about the medium when it is least important than a thought or an idea or our motive to create something. It is all about human imagination, human perception and human expression which is express through some abc medium. 

So in this blog I like to explore and gather some information on how to express a thought or idea using different mediums. And also how I can describe my works of art. We will see it in future post! 

I hope this is a start of new (for me) creative and interactive journey with the world audience. 



Dr. Tripti Singh